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“Unless you are willing to experience new things, you will never realise your full potential.” - Wim Hof​

Step outside your comfort zone, get comfortable with being uncomfortable; come and experience the Wim Hof Method for yourself.

Below you'll find all my upcoming Wim Hof Method events.


I offer Wim Hof Method training in Adelaide, around Australia and internationally, including; 1-day workshops, retreats, corporate training and 1:1 sessions. I also work with gyms, boxes & studios to provide tailored workshops.

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Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Workshop

Sunday 27 September
Kent Town, SA

Mind Move Connect Workshop

Saturday 10 October
Hindmarsh, SA

Please note: Wim Hof Method workshop prices are offered in Euros (€). By buying via wimhofmethod.com you receive a 25% discount on the Fundamentals Online Video Course (which I highly recommend).

If you would prefer to pay in AU$ you can find all my upcoming activities on Eventbrite.

What Others Have Said

"It’s crazy what you can achieve when you master your mind, your breathing and learn to be ok being uncomfortable..." - Ruby

"I've taken lots of drugs in my time on earth but the experience I had that day from the breathing out did them all." - Marvin

"Getting into the ice bath I wasn’t sure how my body would respond. With Kym supporting and guiding my breath from the sidelines I pushed past my barriers and surrendered to the process." - Nikki



  • The link between your nose & nervous system

  • A technique to reset your body & give you more energy

  • Why stress is actually good for you

  • How to control your mental state by changing your physical state

  • Get a cardio workout without working up a sweat

  • How cold exposure can improve focus & clarity

  • Improve your pain tolerance by altering your body’s pH

  • Why the Wim Hof Method is not enough

  • And more...

Plus you’ll come away with:

  • A strong foundation of the Wim Hof Method

  • Practical ways to apply the method

What are you waiting for? Come & take the plunge!



Besides being incredible learning experiences, workshops & retreats enable you to learn the Method correctly and safely so you can reap the maximum benefits.

As a Certified Instructor, my goal is to create a safe, inclusive space to give you the opportunity to explore your boundaries, challenge your limiting beliefs and see what lies on the other side!

To find out more, read the '5 benefits of a Wim Hof Method workshop'.

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