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Cold Challenge


Hi I’m Kym Burls, a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor from Adelaide, Australia.


Cold exposure training has changed my life, so I want to encourage you to try it, and with winter coming, May is the perfect month.


(And I could do with the accountability & motivation myself right now)

What is it?

  • A challenge to complete 31 days straight of cold training

  • You pick the exercise (it doesn’t have to be an ice bath or cold shower)

  • You decide the duration

  • It’s 100% free


*it’s ok if you register late… just add the extra days to the end of the month!

But I hate the cold...

You’re not alone… so do I most of the time!


But, I’ve experienced firsthand how beneficial it is for my health… and, hand-on-heart I’ve never regretted any cold exposure I’ve done.


Why sign up?

Join me for this month-long challenge if you want to:

  • Dramatically change your relationship with the cold

  • Explore the benefits of cold training, as they apply to you

  • Become more aware of your body

  • Improve your stress management

  • Kickstart a healthy habit heading into winter

  • Create accountability through community


Don't sign up if...

  • You want to compete with others to stay in the cold as long as possible (this is not about ego)

  • You have certain medical issues (please refer to the disclaimer below)

Ready to commit?

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About me

In 2017, after a job loss prompted me to re-evaluate my life, I packed a small bag, booked a one way ticket and went travelling. On the way I discovered the Wim Hof Method and with it a powerful way to reconnect with my mind, body & heart, through nature. As an Instructor I've been fortunate to learn from & teach alongside Wim Hof personally and have guided more than 500 people through the cold.

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The cold is a strong force. It's important to gradually build up the intensity and duration of your cold exposure. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If not practiced responsibly, you risk hypothermia. Individuals should not practice cold exposure if pregnant, looking to conceive or breastfeeding, after drinking alcohol, after meals or during exercise. Those with any medical issues (including Raynaud's Type 2 or cold urticaria) should consult a medical practitioner before practicing.