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My Top Breathing Resources for Parents

neon sign with "and breathe" image by Valeriia Bugaiova

I’ve been a breathwork coach & educator since 2019, and while I’m not a parent and my primary audience isn’t children, I meet a lot of parents looking for information to help their children learn to breathe better.

Breathing exercises are a fantastic way to empower children of all ages to self-regulate. They can help kids to increase their focus, regulate strong emotions, respond better to their environment, improve sleep, manage respiratory conditions, lower their likelihood of needing corrective dentistry, boost their overall wellbeing... and give them tools to last a lifetime!

There’s an ever-increasing amount of information out there, so I've compiled my recommended resources to provide parents/caregivers/educators a place to start.


The Oxygen Advantage - Patrick McKeown’s training methodology focused on nasal breathing & breath hold training that can be adapted for children)

Buteyko Method - A range of breathing exercises designed to improve an individual’s health, that has a specific component on helping children

Physiology First University - A not-for-profit dedicated to educating the next generation on health & human potential doing incredible work

Nick Heath 'The Breathing Diabetic' - An excellent science writer (and parent) who makes breathing science simple

ABC Breathwork for Kids - Carissa Menard provides excellent resources to support parents on their breathing education journey

BeWell in School - A not-for-profit teaching movement & mindfullness for self-regulation to school children

Dr Rosalba Courtney - A functional breathing specialist offering intergrative breathing therapy based in Sydney, Australia

Project Airway - An Instagram account educating on airway health, crucial for parent of young children

Educational Books

Breath by James Nestor (can not recommend this highly enough)

*While I've not personally read these (yet), they come highly recommended in this area.

Childrens Books & Music

Kira Willey - a musician and author bringing mindfullness to children


Breathing Exercises for Kids - a 10 min video with a range of different fun techniques


I’ll be updating this over time but if you’ve found something that has helped you, broadened your understanding or blown you away, reach out and let me know:

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