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A man guiding another man in an ice bath

Ice Bath & Cold therapy training in Adelaide

Take your cold exposure experience beyond the bucket list. Learn how to turn it into a life long habit & feel the benefits.

The Benefits of Cold Therapy

A man guiding another man, with his eyes closed, in an ice bath

Ice baths are no longer only for high performance athletes. Thanks to the popularity of cold training pioneers like Wim Hof, millions of people globally enjoy the physical and mental benefits of regular ice baths.


The keyword is ‘regular’.


The benefits of cold training come from consistent, long term practice… not just a one and done session (although there’s nothing wrong with ticking an ice bath experience off your bucket list!).

Traditionally ice baths have been used for athletic recovery, but that is only one very small part of why cold therapy is so good for you. Here’s a few more:


  • Mental energy boost

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Improve your mental fitness

  • Develop mental resilience

  • Improve stress management

  • Sleep better

  • Decrease pain

  • Improve athletic recovery

  • And much more.


Personally, there is no other tool I’ve used that brings me to a place of complete calmness like a few minutes in an ice bath. It’s my meditation. 🙏

Cold Exposure Training in Adelaide

The cold exerts a powerful force on the human body. It’s a stressor. Understanding how much stress is enough (and how much is too much) is crucial; whether it’s your first experience or you use it regularly.


That’s where I can help.


As Adelaide’s most experienced Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, teaching the benefits of cold exposure and guiding people in ice baths is what I do!

How I teach Cold Training is based on two key principles:


1. Experience is the Experience

I’ve taught +2,000 people, in a range of cold exposure environments, including hiking in sub-zero conditions, plunging in near-freezing water and countless ice baths at local gyms. I bring that depth of coaching experience to every ice bath I guide people through.


2. Education not just Facilitation

Taking your first ice bath is awesome. It takes mental toughness to step into that cold water. But the true, lasting benefits of ice baths come from regular practice. That’s why I believe in educating on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ and not only providing an experience (the ‘what’), so you can feel empowered to keep exploring.

Nikki’s experience:

“Getting into the ice bath I wasn’t sure how my body would respond. With Kym supporting and guiding my breath from the sidelines, I pushed past my barriers and surrendered to the process.” ❤️

Man holding a woman's hand guiding her in an ice bath

How to Learn Ice Bath & Cold Therapy

As an experienced Cold Training Coach, based in Adelaide, I offer group workshops and private coaching guiding people through ice baths. Discover more about how I can help you below.

Temperature is important to deliver the benefits of cold exposure. In Adelaide the shower (and ocean) water temperature is not cold enough for a large part of the year, that's why I use regular ice baths. Read more about the 4 key factors involved with cold training

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