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Products & People

Below you’ll find some of my favourite products & people. These are companies & services I use myself, some of them for over 5 years, that I've found really beneficial to supporting my overall wellbeing. You'll also find some nice discounts for yourself too!

Left foot in Vivobarefoot shoe, right foot is bare

Vivobarefoot footwear

I've been wearing Vivobarefoot shoes since 2018 and my original pair still serve me well (so do the many other pairs I've bought)!

IMO they make the best - looking & quality - minimalist footwear around and their sustainability endeavours are incredible.

It's awesome to partner with Sole Mechanics, the exclusive Australian distributor for Vivobarefoot.

Get 15% off at Sole Mechanics.

Use code: KYM15

Man submersing his whole body in an ice bath

Ice Tubs Australia

Since starting to teach cold therapy in 2019, I've been looking for a stylish & comfortable portable ice bath. Ice Tubs Australia are my solution.

Offering 3 size tubs made from galvanised, rust-resistant steel, they're perfect for ice baths in the backyard or at your gym, especially for those with mobility issues (an important consideration for me to buy one). 

Get 5% off your steel Ice Tub.

Use code: BURLS5

Close up of red light therapy light

Infraredi Red Light Therapy

After listening to the Huberman Lab podcast on using light to optimise health, low Vitamin D, turning 40 & and many more reasons (!), I decided to go all in and see how a red light device may help.

I chose Infraredi as their PRO series is on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register & came highly rated.

Get 5% off Infraredi devices.

Use code: KYMBURLS

Man in a suit with arms crossed looking at camera

Elemental Health

Wanting to take a holistic - mind and body - approach to treating my eating disorder, I was looking for a nutrition-focused treatment (to compliment other treatments).


I love Rohan's combination of detailed testing & lifestyle assessment (sleep, diet, supplementation, exercise, and breathing), and as a result I've been able to make positive holistic changes in my life.

Learn more about Rohan's nutritional medicine & functional testing services.

Man sitting cross legged in front of two large gongs and floor drums

Harmonic Essence

Since my first sound therapy experience in 2019, it's remained a favourite somatic modality.

With certifications from the world's leading academy, Chris' passion for music is only eclipsed by his extensive instrument collection!

Connecting over a desire to offer unique & high quality sound healing & breathwork events, we launched Pneuma in 2022 & Libero in 2023. 

Learn more about Chris and his sound healing & vibration therapy services.

Please note:

  • As an affiliate of some of the above companies, Kym may receive a small commission on sales via the links on this website (not for Rohan or Chris).

  • This is not medical advice, I'm sharing my experiences & reasons for working with the above partners. Please consult a qualified health professional before using any of these services.

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