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Man in grey jumper coaching the breathing of another person

Breathwork & Breathing Coaching in Adelaide

Learn the 'how' and 'why' of your breath with high quality education from a dedicated breathwork professional.

The Benefits of Breathwork

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Traditionally, the term ‘Breathwork’ was used to describe modalities that use breath as a therapeutic tool, including Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork & Conscious Connected Breathing. Some placed a strong emphasis on music or art, others on spirituality, while others simply let the breath be the guide.


More recently, the use of ‘Breathwork’ has expanded to all forms of conscious breathing training, including techniques like Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage, Wim Hof Method, Soma Breath and more.

Today, Breathwork can be seen as the practice of consciously controlling your breath for a range of physical, mental and even spiritual outcomes, including:

  • Deep relaxation

  • More mental clarity

  • Improved sleep

  • Increased athletic performance

  • Better physical health

  • Healing from trauma

  • And much more.

How I teach Breathwork 

Breathwork, in many forms, has helped my health and wellbeing, especially my mental health, in ways that are difficult to only put into words… So I’ve made it my mission to share and teach as much as I can about Breathwork.


I want as many people as possible to learn the skills to tap into one of the most powerful ways to regulate our body & mind… our breath.


How I teach Breathwork is based on two key principles:


1. Sources not Streams

Breathwork to me is a tool box not a single implement. It’s about understanding which tool is the best fit for the job and practising that technique so you can call on it when needed (It’s also about acknowledging that there can be several tools for the job).


2. Education not just Facilitation

Certain breathing techniques can have an immediate, powerful and profound impact on us, while others are far more subtle, but no less beneficial. That’s why I believe in educating on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ and not only providing an experience (the ‘what’), so people can learn how each tool can help them.

Rachel’s experience:

"The session far exceeded my expectations... You have really opened up my world and I'm excited to further explore the potential of breathwork and its many uses."

Man crouched down looking at people breathing on the floor

How to Learn Breathwork WITH ME

As an experienced Breathwork Coach, based in Adelaide, I offer both 1:1 coaching sessions and group workshops. Discover more about how I can help you below.

Prefer a self-directed approach? Discover people to follow, articles to read or videos to watch with my top Breathwork content.

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