Breathwork & Guided Breathing

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What is breathwork?


The term breathwork is used to describe a range of modalities that use breath as the main therapeutic tool to help improve physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health. 


There are many different types of breathwork therapy including; Conscious Connected Breathing, Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork & Shamanic Breathwork. Each has its own way of using conscious control of the breath to heal. Some place a strong emphasis on music or art, others on spirituality, while others take a more pared back approach, and simply let the breath be the guide.


The breathing technique


While each modality takes a slightly different approach, the basic breathwork technique involves a circular pattern of breathing that connects one breath to the other. Breathing in this way, changes the levels of not only oxygen, but importantly carbon dioxide, in the body. It’s a powerful way to influence our physiology, but also a way to access deeper levels of our consciousness, often referred to as ‘non-ordinary states of consciousness’.


The benefits of breathwork


The primary goal of any breathwork therapy is to increase self-awareness & self-acceptance and help create an ability for self-healing, through the release of physical, emotional and mental stress.


Entering these non-ordinary states through breathwork enables the recall and release of stored or suppressed memories and emotions, allowing us to rewire mental patterns and unlearn past conditioning, to create strong, lasting changes in our lives.


A breathwork session can also be very meditative and induce a deep state of relaxation.

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Guided breathing in Adelaide

Breathwork as I mentioned above, is an incredibly powerful therapeutic tool and one I include as part of my own wellness program.


However, it it can have three main drawbacks:

  1. Due to the therapeutic nature, the techniques are a ‘sometimes’ tool and not designed for a consistent practice.

  2. Traditional sessions often run for 2-3 hours, making it difficult to fit into a busy calendar.

  3. One-on-one sessions can be cost prohibitive for many, with prices similar to those of a talk therapist.


That’s one of the reasons I offer regular guided breathing classes, in a similar way to a yoga studio.


Held at my studio in Adelaide, these very small group sessions, are a great way to experience a variety of breathing techniques and help you tap into one of the most powerful ways to regulate your body & mind… your breath. They’re also a chance to rebalance & recharge your week.

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About Breathwork Instructor Kym Burls

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Since discovering the Wim Hof Method several years ago and with it a powerful way to reconnect with my mind, body & heart, through nature, I’ve dived into the world of breathwork and have studied and certified in several of the world’s leading breathing techniques.


I’m a Certified Level 2 Wim Hof Method Instructor, Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor and XPT Performance Breathing® Certified.


Breathwork has helped my health and wellbeing, especially my mental health, in ways that are difficult to only put into words… So I’ve made it my mission to teach & share breathwork techniques in my hometown of Adelaide.


I look forward to breathing & holding space for you in the near future.