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Workshops & Events

I offer workshops on the Wim Hof Method, Sports Performance Breathwork, Breathwork for Business & other unique events in Adelaide & SA (and around Australia), including seminars, 1-day events & retreats. 


For more individualised training, I provide 1:1 & small group sessions, including at my Adelaide breathwork & cold training studio.

Learn more about each of the activities below. View specific events to learn more.

Man guiding a smiling woman in an ice bath

Wim Hof Method Fundamentals

Learn to reconnect your body & mind using breathwork & ice baths. This full-day workshop, suitable for both beginners & experienced, will give you a strong foundation of the Wim Hof Method and how to apply it in your life. I offer the following variations:

  • Original: the vintage full-day experience

  • Small Group: an intimate group of 5 people max.

  • Hot+Cold: includes cold plunge & sauna (12 people max.)

Man resting his head on the edge of an ice bath looking relaxed

Wim Hof Method Advanced

At this full-day learning laboratory you will broaden & deepen your practice and explore the science related to mindset/intention.


You will learn 2 new breathing techniques and getting plenty of tips to improve your existing practice. We finish the day with challenging cold exposure exercises to help you hone your mental edge.

Man on an assault exercisebike breathing hard

Sports Performance  Breathwork

The foundation of human performance begins with optimising your breath. Incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® and other leading programs, you’ll learn woo-woo free, scientificlly backed techniques to maximise your performance one breath at a time. These sessions are perfect for athletes, gyms and sporting clubs looking to gain a competitive edge. Contact me to teach at your venue

Man presenting to a group pointing at a whiteboard

Breathwork for Business 

Very few tools enable you to quickly & radically shift your state like breathwork. In this age of 'performance & productivity', learning how to regulate your breathing can help you create calm, boost cognition, improve focus, quickly destress & much more. These sessions can be tailored to suit all employees, from executive to front line.

Man walking between people during guided breathwork

Private & Small Group Training

For those looking for personalised training, I offer private coaching sessions. These are held at my Adelaide studio or anywhere from the beach to a backyard. Book a session below.


I also hold private workshops for gyms, studios & workplaces looking to offer their people natural, proven techniques to improve their overall health. Contact me for details

People lying in a circle, feet inward

Special Events

As an experienced and passionate breathwork & cold exposure teacher, I frequently partner with other holistic health practitioners for unique experiences including sound baths & urban retreats. Find an event below.

If you’re a fellow practitioner looking to create something together, contact me and let’s make it happen!

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