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Workshops & Events

I offer workshops on the Wim Hof Method, Functional Breathing, Restorative Breathwork, Breathwork for Business & other unique events in Adelaide & SA (and around Australia), including seminars, 1-day events & retreats. 


For more individualised training, I provide 1:1 & small group sessions, including at my Adelaide breathwork & cold training studio.

Learn more about each of the activities below. View specific events to learn more.

Man guiding a smiling woman in an ice bath

Wim Hof Method

Get powerful & practical education about breathwork & cold therapy. These events are suitable for both beginners & experienced and give you a strong foundation of the Method and how to apply it to your daily life. I offer the following variations:

  • Original: the vintage full-day experience

  • Small Group: an intimate group of 5 people max.

  • Hot+Cold: includes cold plunge & sauna (12 people max.)

  • Advanced: a deeper dive & 2 new techniques

  • Private: 1:1 and small group events. Please book these online


Retreat: Into Nature

Spend a long weekend immersed in the spectacular environment of Kangaroo Island at this all-inclusive retreat. The carefully curated program includes; daily guided breathwork, ice bath plunges & ocean swims, wood-fired hot tub & Scandinavian sauna, sound healing & forest meditation, and much more...

See what awaits you - Watch the Video

Man on an assault exercisebike breathing hard

Sports Performance  Breathwork

The foundation of human performance begins with optimising your breath. Incorporating the Oxygen Advantage® and other leading programs, you’ll learn woo-woo free, scientificlly backed techniques to maximise your performance one breath at a time. These sessions are perfect for athletes, gyms and sporting clubs looking to gain a competitive edge. Contact me to teach at your venue

Man presenting to a group pointing at a whiteboard

Breathwork for Business 

Very few tools enable you to quickly & radically shift your state like breathwork. In this age of 'performance & productivity', learning how to regulate your breathing can help you create calm, boost cognition, improve focus, quickly destress & much more. These sessions can be tailored to suit all employees, from executive to front line.

Man walking between people during guided breathwork

Private & Small Group Training

For those looking for personalised training, I offer private coaching.

I also hold private workshops for gyms, studios & workplaces looking to offer their people natural, proven techniques to improve their overall health. Contact me for details

People lying in a circle, feet inward

Special Events

As an experienced and passionate breathwork & cold exposure teacher, I frequently partner with other holistic health practitioners for unique experiences including sound baths & urban retreats. Find an event below.

If you’re a fellow practitioner looking to create something together, contact me and let’s make it happen!

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