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Breathwork Coaching

Breathing. It’s something you do ~20,000 times a day. It’s also something you likely rarely pay attention to.


My goal is to help you change that… so you can breathe more consciously and enjoy the benefits.

What I Offer

  1. Breathwork dedicated coaching

  2. High quality instruction

  3. Education on the what and the why

  4. Detailed breathing assessment

  5. Personalised breathing protocols

  6. Ongoing phone and email support

What I Don't Offer

  1. One 'magic' technique to fix all

  2. A 'fix' to only one problem

  3. Sensation > Foundation (it's the other way)

  4. Only guided breathwork (I offer far more)

  5. Therapy or counselling

Session Details

  • Duration: 60 mins (120 mins for new clients)

  • When: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, by appointment

  • Where: My breathing studio in Kilkenny, SA

  • What to bring: Comfy clothes

  • Like to bring a friend? Please add them via the shop after your booking

Recommendation: Learning to optimise how you breathe takes practice. In addition to making use of the phone & email support, I recommend between one to three follow up sessions over 8-12 weeks. To support this, I offer heavily discounted rates for follow up sessions.


Why get coaching?

Your breathing influences every major system in your body, so learning to optimise your breathing is one of the keys to good health.


Breathwork techniques have been shown to help:

  1. Improve sleep quality

  2. Lower & manage anxiety

  3. Relax mind & body

  4. Decrease inflammation

  5. Decrease asthma symptoms

  6. Lower blood pressure

  7. Improve physical performance

  8. Aid & promote better digestion

  9. Increase focus & energy levels

  10. Improve overall health & wellbeing

  11. Promote deep inner calm

  12. Increase self-awareness

  13. Facilitate deep personal transformation

  14. And so much more


What to expect

​Chances are you've never been to a breathing coach. Here is what you can expect from your first session.

  1. Understand your reason for coming, current situation & any constraints

  2. Conduct a detailed functional breathing assessment

  3. Explain & train relevant breathing exercises based on the assessment & your goals

  4. Email your assessment results, exercise explanations & suggested protocols

  5. Email you a detailed handout on the 3 pillars of breathing

  6. Ongoing phone & email support to help you continue to improve

What clients say

I was referred to Kym to help me break the world’s longest plank record. Not only did I find it beneficial to help me achieve my goal, but he made me regain focus on my breathing when my body & mind wanted to give up. Kym, you are amazing at what you do & how you teach, I cannot thank you enough for helping me achieve my goal. I am looking forward to using you for my next challenge.

Daniel Scali

Guinness World Record Longest Abdominal Plank (Male)


Are you ready to make the most of each breath?

Why book with Kym?


> Breathwork dedicated coaching

While others offer breathwork as an additional service, I don’t. I’ve chosen to go deep on breathwork, to share with you as much as I possibly can, so you can make the most of each breath.

> High quality instruction

As part of my learning from the source approach, I’ve spent hundreds of hours being taught by & learning from many of the world's best breathwork mentors, to provide you with the highest quality & most educational service.

> The what and the why

A trainer will show you. A good coach will teach you. My aim is to be the latter. I want you to leave each session understanding why each exercise can help you, and feel confident to practice them.

> Detailed breathing assessment

To map where your respiration is currently at and help identify any breathing deficiencies, I assess multiple areas; from your movement to your biochemistry.

> Personalised coaching program

Using the assessment outcome, I apply breathing physiology to your specific goals and provide tailor-made breathing protocols for you.

> I’m here for you

Our coaching session doesn’t end when you leave the studio. Improvements are often subtle and can take time to realise. To help you get the most from working with me, I offer ongoing email support (and phone too… just no 1am calls please!)


> I don’t offer one technique to fix all

Through my training in many different methods, I’m breathing technique agnostic and believe in using the ‘right tool for the job’.

> I don’t solve only one problem

I believe that improving your overall breathing foundation, starting from where you’re currently at, achieves broader and longer lasting results, rather than giving you a single-technique solution (however, sometimes, one trick is all it takes!)

> I’m more than a ‘breathwork facilitator’

These aren’t ‘turn up and breathe’ sessions (but, we can do that too if you like). I educate and provide you with take home exercises and ongoing support. My priority is ongoing optimisation over short sensation. Optimisation takes practice and time.

> This is not therapy

I’m not a trained counsellor or social worker, but I’m happy to connect you to local breathworkers who are.

Not sure if this is right for you? Contact me to see how I can help.


Please note​:

  • Breathing coaching sessions are not intended to provide or replace medical and therapeutic advice. Rather they're intended to work alongside, as a compliment to, other health, medical and therapeutic treatments, as part of a holistic approach to health management.

  • If you have specific health concerns please contact me and your medical professional before attending.

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