Breathing Coaching

Breath connects us; to ourselves, to others and to nature. It's one of the key foundations to good health.

If you’re looking to restore that connection, rebuild that healthy foundation or you simply want to improve your breathing, discover how breathing coaching can benefit you.



  • Develop a solid breathing foundation

  • Gain awareness how you breathe in various situations and understand how how your breathing impacts other areas of your body (and even your emotional state)

  • Learn to influence your breathing in the moment - relax deeply, calm quickly or focus intensely

  • Get help with areas including sleeping better, managing asthma, reducing anxiety and improving physical performance

What's included

  • Functional breathing assessment

  • Personalised breathing exercises

  • Detailed handout

  • Training plan (optional)


  • Duration: 60 mins (90 mins for new clients)

  • When: Monday, Thursday & Friday, by appointment

  • Where: My breathing studio in Kilkenny, SA

  • What to bring: Comfy clothes

  • Contact me if you would like to bring a friend


Breathing better takes practice and time, so I encourage you to commit to a minimum of 4 sessions over 8-12 weeks (I offer heavily discounted follow up sessions to facilitate this).


To confirm a suitable timeslot or to discuss if what I offer is right for you please contact me

Please note​:

  • Breathing coaching sessions are not intended to provide or replace medical and therapeutic advice. Rather they're intended to work alongside, as a compliment to, other health, medical and therapeutic treatments, as part of a holistic approach to health management.

  • If you have specific health concerns please contact me and your medical professional before attending.