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Since 2019, Kym has taught 2,000+ people, on three continents, of all ages and backgrounds, including athletes, actors, military personnel, medical professionals, politicians & anyone looking to maximise their potential. Read about their experiences learning with Kym below.











"It was a great way to begin the term with new techniques in the toolbox to ensure I maintain healthy doses of stress. You are a wealth of knowledge, and I really valued your insights. I am a lover of research and appreciated the links you made throughout. The resources you’ve compiled are awesome and will be a great support to continue on my journey!"
- Jenna, Australia

“I've practiced the breathing technique for a few months prior to attending Kym's workshop but the guidance from him throughout got me to a new level. I've taken lots of drugs in my time on earth but the experience I had that day from the breathing out did them all.”

- Marvin, Australia


“Kym’s skills and knowledge about the Wim Hof Method are awesome. I promise you, he will give you individually the right keys. Your performance and understanding of the techniques he´ll teach you, will make huge steps. If you have the chance to participate in one of his workshops, it´ll be the journey of your life.”

- Bernhard, Germany


“Kym was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about every aspect of the course including catering to people with different abilities. I have some chronic medical conditions and he made sure everything was safe and comfortable for me to participate as well as giving me additional information to help with moving forward.”

- Emily, Adelaide, Australia


“Kym is so good at what he does... it is an art form to translate something like the Wim Hof Method, get it down to a full-day workshop, and have all participants go on such a journey. Mind. Blown.”

- Megan, Adelaide, Australia


"I had been into the Wim Hof Method for a while and had read Wim’s book. Kym gave a much deeper understanding of the practice. I had never had the results that I got in one class after nearly a year of practicing at home.”

- Ben, Adelaide, Australia


“Kym did a fantastic job in introducing the Wim Hof Method at his workshop. He delivers the science behind the Method and also his own message on how to get benefit from it, in a thought provoking and engaging way.”

- Eugene, Adelaide, Australia

"The Wim Hof Method workshop was an unforgettable experience. Kym is a passionate, genuine and engaging instructor. He teaches the fundamental aspects of the breathwork, and explains all the relevant details of the process, highlighting the positive effects it has on both the mind and body so you can clearly understand the benefits of the practice. The workshop is perfectly planned to prepare you to tackle the challenge of the ice bath at the end - an uncomfortable yet invigorating experience, proving you have the power to conquer any challenging situation that you may face in life, simply through the power of your own breath."

- Justine, Adelaide, Australia


“I attended Kym’s workshop today and was very impressed with how knowledgeable he was, the effort he went to to answer questions and how he made the environment very relaxed. Definitely would recommend it if you want to experience the Wim Hof Method and want to understand why it works.”

- Xavier, Australia


“Kym is a great instructor who delivered an incredible workshop. Thank you for an experience that will have a long-lasting impact on our lives.”

- Tiffany, Adelaide, Australia


“It was such an intense experience but it was so easy to really go for it with Kym’s expert guidance… He had the perfect balance of letting us feel things out versus knowing to step in with some timely pointers and I came home with a really strong platform to continue practicing the Method.”

- Loren, United Kingdom


“Kym is an incredible instructor with so much knowledge. He is so down to earth and real, which compliments the Method so well.”

- Tom, Adelaide, Australia


“This course gave me great insight and relaxed my anxieties about the implementation of the Wim Hof Method. My takeaway is the clarity, acceptance and comfort of being in a stressful or uncomfortable environment and being able to control my emotions and being with the power of breath, mind and body.

- Marty, Adelaide, Australia


“Kym’s knowledge and ability to hold space kept us well informed and supported on many levels.”

- Elisa, USA


“I went in knowing very little about the Wim Hof Method and a little daunted. I came out of the workshop buzzing, full of energy, enthusiasm and purpose. I absolutely loved all of it from the education, breathing exercises and even the ice bath!! Kym is a fabulous teacher and it's very clear he has found his purpose. I loved the level of education he provided. How kind and approachable he is and how he created a beautiful, relaxed and supportive environment.”

- Margaux, Adelaide, Australia

"Having initially persisted with learning the Wim Hof Method breathing from YouTube, I eventually gave up and felt this must not be for me. Hesitantly, I signed up for a Wim Hof Method workshop with Kym.
It was reassuring to understand that I just needed to "walk before I could sprint". I needed to breathe at my pace and not try to be Wim Hof.....funny that! When I was me and at my level… I got the results I was seeking."

- Jacky, Adelaide, Australia

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