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Man crouching on the floor guiding a group sound bath and breathwork session

Sound Bath & Guided Breathing Meditation in Adelaide

Experience the reconnective & restorative power of conscious breathing, combined with the healing sensations of sound therapy.

Benefits of Breathwork & Sound Therapy

Man playing a floor drum with 2 large gongs behind him

Unlike traditional meditation, which helps us become aware of what’s happening in our minds (which is also great btw!), both sound therapy and breathwork allow you to disconnect from your mind and instead reconnect with the sensations in your body.


It’s from this place of connection - to our deeper self - that we’re able to heal and grow.

While a sound journey and breathwork are two different practices, they provide several wonderful crossover benefits, to body, mind and soul, including:

  • Reduce stress

  • Help with depression and anxiety

  • Improve pain management

  • Improve sleep quality

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve cardiovascular health

  • Clear and calm the mind

  • Help to find purpose

  • Create an overall sense of wellbeing

What are they all about?

Sound Bath

A Sound Bath, Sound Meditation or Sound Journey is a sensory audio experience that is hard to describe in words. The sense of calm can be likened to many years of accumulated meditation practice - all at once entering your being. This feeling can remain with you for days or weeks in some instances.

To participate could not be easier. It takes very little effort on the part of the receiver. All that is required is for you to show up and lie down. A series of sounds from multiple large Healing Gongs, precious metal Himalayan Singing Bowls, Healing Drums & Percussion, Heart Warming Vocal Toning and magical Hand Pan, take you on a journey unlike any other.

Breathwork Meditation

While the term ‘breathwork’ has become a catch all for many forms of conscious breath practice,

the breathing at these events is 'technique agnostic' and are there to provide a deeply meditative experience.

We move through different breathwork techniques designed to activate both branches of the autonomic nervous system, incorporating everything from slow, rhythmic breathing to faster superventilation and explore with various breath retentions - from short to deeper.

Each event is unique and there is no previous experience required.

Man lying on pillow with his eyes closed at a guided breathing event

Sound Bath Meditation Events in Adelaide

Man walking between group of people lying on the floor guiding breathing

Join myself and certified Sound Therapist, Chris Toms from Harmonic Essence, for an evening spent reconnecting back to your inborn spirit - of coming back to self - using breathwork and sound therapy.

We offer two different event styles:


: nū’mə : breath, spirit, soul.


We start the evening with a relaxing/rebalancing style guided breathwork session, accompanied by a variety of magical instruments. Following this we flow straight into a therapeutic Sound Journey for the meditation component.


: lɪbɛrɔ : to set free or release


This is a more activating/releasing style of breathing, in the spirit of rebirthing/holotropic/conscious connected breathwork, where we breathe for longer while continuously bathed in a soundscape of everything from electronic sounds to tribal drums.

Where to experience a breathwork and sound bath

You can find Sound Therapist Chris Toms & myself at our regular monthly event, Pneuma, and several times a year at the partner event Pneuma: Libero. These events sell out quickly, so find when the next event is and we look forward to seeing you there.

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