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Welcome to guided breathwork unlike the others. This is not your usual start to finish meditation. This album has been thoughtfully produced to evolve your breathwork practice.


Scroll to the bottom to download a free preview.


Difference #1: This is an album, not one track. The disclaimer & introduction are separate. When you’ve heard them once, you’re free to skip them and get straight to breathing. No need to fast-forward every time.


Difference #2: This is not a guided meditation. I believe in letting your breath be your guide, not me. You won’t hear any words of affirmation, instead you’re free to set your own intention (if that’s your thing).


Difference #3: Breathe how you want and as fast (or slow) as you want. I recommend nose inhales and a slower tempo for beginners, but I don’t want this album to restrict you. You won’t hear me telling you which hole to breathe with or setting your tempo.


Difference #4: You’ll gradually get less guidance. While I hope you enjoy the sound of my voice, I want you to learn to trust your breath. That’s why each track has less and less of me speaking, letting you gradually breathe to your own pace.


Difference #5: I want you to stop listening. When starting with breathwork, having someone guide you is handy. But, think of it like training wheels. Once you learn to balance yourself, take them off and enjoy the ride (you can always come back and relisten!).


Who is this for?

  • The breathwork on this album is suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners

  • Please review the Disclaimer at the bottom of the page before purchasing


Style: Grounding

  • Loosely speaking, more rounds = more retentions = more grounded feeling (hence the title).


Approximate specifics(!):

  • Warm Up: 2 minutes

  • Rounds 1-3: 30-40 breaths, 90 second retention

  • Rounds 4-5: 40-50 breaths, 2 minute retention (faster tempo - optional)

  • Rounds 6-7+: 12 minutes decided by you!

  • Meditation: 3 minutes


Total Time: ~37 minutes


How to use this album:

Because they’re all separate tracks you don’t need to do all 7 rounds every time. The order is up to you and it’s easy to skip to the meditation track when you’re done. 


Here are some different ways you can combine the tracks:


  • Warm Up + R1-3 + Meditation

  • Warm Up + R1-3 + R4-5 + R6-7 + Meditation

  • Warm Up + R1-3 + R6-7 + Meditation

  • Warm Up + R4-5 + R6-7 + Meditation


Track listing:

  • 01: Disclaimer

  • 02: Introduction

  • 03: Warm Up

  • 04: Rounds 1-3

  • 05: Rounds 4-5

  • 06: Rounds 6-7+

  • 07: Meditation

  • 08: Single Track


Preview: Click to download a free preview (1.8MB)




Health Disclaimer:

Always perform this breathing exercise in a safe environment; sitting or lying down. Never practice it before entering or in water, when driving, during physical exercise or in any other environment where it might be dangerous to faint.


This breathing technique is not suitable for those with serious medical conditions including cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure or those who are pregnant, looking to conceive or breastfeeding. It is also not recommended for people who experience severe psychiatric symptoms or seizures (e.g. high anxiety, schizophrenia or epilepsy).


It’s important to gradually build up the intensity and duration and listen to your body. Those with specific health concerns or any serious medical issues should consult a healthcare professional before starting.



℗ Kym Burls 2022. All Rights Reserved. This recording work, including composition and lyrics, is protected under copyright. No part may be used or distributed without written permission. Any breathwork technique(s) used (or implied) in this recording are copyright of their respective owner(s).

Album - Guided Breathwork - Grounding

  • A .ZIP file containing 8 individual .MP3 files and album cover art

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